We here at Lazy River Dezignz have been creating fused glass jewelry for
about 2 years.  Glass fusing is done in a kiln where the glass is heated to 1450
-1500 degrees until it melts and all parts of the object are melted into a single
solid piece.  It is then slowly cooled  to room temperature.  This slow cooling, or
annealing, makes the glass as strong as it can possibly be.  Annealing the glass
allows it to be worn without fear that it will break through normal wear and
tear.  We have accidentally dropped some of our pieces onto a concrete floor
from about five feet high without it breaking or chipping.  While we don't
recommend that you "drop check" your glass jewelry it does show that it is
possible for it to withstand an accident.

We use the glass from the finest glass manufacturers, cord and findings to
create a piece of jewelry that you will be proud to wear and will want to wear
over and over again.

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